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Bilberry Goat Herd


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Over the years, the area of land which the goats grazed has been gradually eroded by development. This led to a significant decrease in the population of the herd.

In the year 2000 there were only seven goats left in the herd. The famous Bilberry Goat Herd was in great danger of dying out. Something had to be done.

A local family with the help of friends and neighbours got together and formed the Bilberry Goat Heritage Trust.

The members have set up a feeding and veterinary care programme to try and save the herd from extinction.

The place where the animals are kept is critical for the survival of the herd. Bilberry Rock contains unique minerals which have sustained the herd down through the years. They must also have sufficient land to roam and graze.

This is the only way this unique Bilberry Goat Herd will survive in an urban setting, for the people of Waterford City and County and for generations to come.

Any assistance you can offer will be gratefully received

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